is a band between Dream Pop, Shoegaze and New Wave. Based in Hannover and Braunschweig.


Here you will be informed about the newest things happening around us. Clicking on any picture will lead you to our Instagram feed. Feel free to follow us.


Here you can find past and future live dates.

OCT 07 Holzminden, NDS Muckefukk Konzerte /w Pharmacist
SEP 23 Braunschweig, NDS Paletti Festival
SEP 22 Hannover, NDS Open Space /w AUA
JUN 03 Hannover, NDS Fösstival
MAR 07 Hannover, NDS Café Glocksee

OCT 28 Wuppertal, NRW Bürgerbahnhof /w Polychronis
JUL 08 Hannover, NDS OSCO Open Space /w Carpet Waves

OCT 17 Braunschweig, NDS Savoir Vivre /w Blaupause
AUG 08 Hannover, NDS PLATZprojekt e.V.
MAR 27 Hamburg, HH Astrastube /w Palila, Fly Cat Fly
MAR 21 Köln, NRW Hopla.Kalk /w Freddy The Leaf

NOV 16 Höxter, NRW Tonenburg Rock 2019
OCT 25 Hannover, NDS Béi Chez Heinz /w INTRIGEN
OCT 19 Königslutter, NDS Malerkapelle /w Berengar
AUG 23 Wuppertal, NRW Bürgerbahnhof /w Casino Garden & The Autumn Sighs
AUG 03 Porta Festfalica - Veltheim, NRW Festivalkult 2019
JUN 22 Braunschweig, NDS Kulturnacht 2019 /w YUM YUM YOUTH
JUN 22 Hannover, NDS Lust auf Linden-Süd
FEB 15 Düsseldorf, NRW Brause /w Wastones
FEB 01 Hannover, NDS Benefizkonzert für Lindener Tisch e.V.
JAN 18 Hannover, NDS OSCO Open Space /w Der Neue Planet

DEC 11 Hannover, NDS Kulturpalast Linden /w YEAST
OCT 27 Braunschweig, NDS Schuntille /w Therapiezentrum & Summery Mind
OCT 26 Köln, NRW Tsunami club /w YUM YUM YOUTH & Collywobbles
OCT 19 Hannover, NDS Kulturpalast Linden /w YUM YUM YOUTH
OCT 18 Bielefeld, NRW Potemkin Bar /w YUM YUM YOUTH
JUL 20 Braunschweig, NDS einRaum5-7
JUN 29 Braunschweig, NDS Musikum
JUN 01 Hannover, NDS LUX /w Lorimer Burst
APR 27 Wuppertal, NRW Bürgerbahnhof /w Wastones & Act Of Apathy

MAY 20 Braunschweig, NDS SOWISO Open Air 2017
MAY 12 Hannover, NDS Kulturpalast Linden /w Cox and the Riot & Louv

AUG 10 Hannover, NDS Summer In The City
JUL 30 Springe, NDS Rock am Deister
MAY 31 Hannover, NDS Kulturpalast Linden /w Quest
MAY 28 Wolfsburg, NDS Sauna-Klub /w Tubbe
MAY 20 Hannover, NDS Faust
APR 15 Hannover, NDS Musikzentrum
FEB 26 Hannover, NDS Kulturpalast Linden /w Lady Moustache
FEB 13 Hannover, NDS Mephisto

DEC 11 Bürgerbahnhof /w The Cuckoo Wuppertal, NRW
OCT 10 DIY Gig /w Donkey Show Gestorf, NDS
SEP 26 Strangriede Stage Hannover, NDS
AUG 01 Sofaa Festival 2015 Braunschweig, NDS
JUL 31 Fährmannsfest 2015 Hannover, NDS
JUN 21 Fête de la Musqiue Hannover, NDS
JUN 06 SOWISO Open Air 2015 Braunschweig, NDS
MAY 31 Rocker Hannover, NDS

NOV 22 Neustadt a. Rbge., NDS Sofaa
NOV 21 Wunstorf, NDS Der Bau-Hof
OCT 29 Hannover, NDS Rocker
SEP 19 Hannover, NDS Kulturpalast Linden /w Wo ist Jan?

DEC 07 Musikzentrum - Six Pack Hannover, NDS
NOV 22 Der Bau-Hof Wunstorf, NDS


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